Our services

    Discover our variety of services that will allow you to transport your cargo anywhere in the world. What makes us the best in the market is our ability to offer in-depth and tailored expertise for our clients.

    AsasLine offers much more than just maritime and road shipping, or container rental service. We have also developed other services to meet the needs of our clients.

    We have the best offers for maritime and road transport services suitable for businesses and individuals, international deliveries, emergency container rentals for flexible periods (one day, one week, etc.) to which you can add the delivery option.

    We offer innovative and customised solutions for our clients. All thanks go to our experienced teams. We can also save you time and money by providing you with international customs procedures assistance to meet all transportation and logistics needs.

    Thanks to this website, we provide you with a service to book containers and track your shipments and process your orders quickly and easily and without any trouble to access all information needed.

    Maritime Transportation

    The maritime mode of transportation is most frequently used by our customers for its many benefits including the most important one which is probably its low-price or cost.

    • Asasline guarantees competitive rates to ship your merchandises safely.

    • Our ships contribute less to pollution than other modes of transportation.

    • Marine cargo ships are adaptable enough to ship a wide variety of imports and exports.

    Maritime shipping is a reliable economic choice that we recommend for our customers according to their needs and commodities. Our teams will be able to advise and accompany you throughout all these procedures.

    Road transportation

    Asasline can also transport your commodities by land. This mode of transportation is economical because it requires less infrastructure.

    With our tracking services, you can easily track your shipments and see the status of your shipment at any time.

    Asasline guarantees fast, flexible and secure services at reasonable and competitive rates.

    Containers rental

    Asasline rents containers of 20 feet or 40 feet of impeccable quality for a very attractive price and even in the case of emergencies. We offer you an additional delivery option and costumed support.

    You can rely on us for all the operational and logistical aspects necessary for your shipments.

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