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Maritime transportation with a reactive team

Thanks to our experience in the maritime transport sector, we are here to always meet your expectations and logistical needs for all types of shipments. Our teams are always attentive to the requirements and criteria of our customers.

Asasline guarantees a reliable service for your maritime and road freight shipments.

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Fast and secure road transportation

AsasLine puts at your disposal teams of professionals who are at your service to organize and transport your shipments according to all your requirements.

Our teams guarantee you a quality road transportation. And with the utmost professionalism, our transporters take charge and ensure what is needed for your shipments of commodities.

Asasline guarantees secure and adapted road transport services.

Let us take care of you and your cargo.

Rental of containers

Asasline is a company specialized in the rental of containers. We offer you containers of 20 feet or 40 feet with a delivery option to your address of choice. The containers can be rented and returned worldwide. We arrange transportation to and from your address.

We guarantee fast delivery, flexible conditions, and an unbeatable pricing.

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AsasLine is a company specializing in meritorious and land transportation for international shipments, we take care of the entire transportation cycle.

  • +32 23 15 14 15
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