A global service

    Our ambition is to ensure an impeccable service and to play a significant role in the fulfilment of our customer’s projects. We also make sure to support you throughout the transport cycle and to ensure the safe transport of your shipments while considering the delivery deadlines.

    We make sure to stay as available as possible to our customers and to guarantee them personalized support of their requirements, employing all the necessary resources.

    Our company also offers information and consulting assistance to simplify and speed up customs and border procedures for our customers.

    Our experts are trained to explain to you the customs and border procedures, to carry out the domiciliation of the import labels and to obtain the authorizations and approvals required by the customs, to obtain the declarations, and carry out the payment of duties and taxes as well as accompany you and provide you with all the information necessary for the smooth running of the transport and the tracking of shipments.

    Who are we ?

    Asasline is a company specialized in maritime and road shipping worldwide as well as in the containers rental business. Our company has developed a wide range of services to meet the requirements of its customers.

    Based on our maritime experience and market knowledge in both Europe and Eastern Europe. Asasline has developed a range of costumed services for its clienteles in Europe. For this purpose, Asasline offers various services in this geographical region but also with other regions such as Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

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